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Practice Closing on April 19, 2023

A message from Dr. L'Heureux,

Womenzzz Sleep Health is closing on April 19th. All currently scheduled appointments after April 18th will be honored by Craig M. Rundbaken, DO, FACOI, FCCP at the Respiratory & Valley Fever Clinic. In addition to being my husband, he shares our office, is board certified in sleep medicine, accepts all health plans accepted by my practice and can have access to your records through our shared electronic system. If you do not wish to see Dr. Rundbaken, please notify us of your cancelation.

Should you choose to move to another practice, please fill out the Medical Records Release form.

For those needing prescription refills before my departure date should ask their pharmacy to send an electronic request.

If you have any questions, call our practice before April 19th at 623-466-9251 or call the Respiratory & Valley Fever Clinic at 623-975-0500 thereafter.

I thank you for allowing me to care for you. It has been my privilege.
Welcome to Womenzzz Sleep Health
Led by Laura L’Heureux, DO, the first physician with dual certification in both Sleep Medicine and Obstetrics & Gynecology in the United States, Womenzzz Sleep Health focuses solely on Sleep Medicine. With a one-of-a-kind perspective on and experience in female sleep issues, the practice helps women of all ages address hormonal and non-hormonal based sleep disruptions.

Much can be done to diagnose and treat sleep disorders without overnight sleep testing. While that is an option for those typically exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea, the majority of patients are aided through lifestyle and behavioral training.